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the patience, pleasure and pure silliness of life with a baby and a toddler

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The Family Bed

The family bed is a defining part of the attachment method of parenting- along with baby wearing and breast feeding on demand. It’s the hippy theory and although a few 50-some moms breastfeeding their preschoolers preach this theory, it has also become common among the younger and more mainstream moms (well at least in Boulder!). It clashes a bit with our individualist society, but is a common practice in most latin american and african countries. Before Noa was born, I read about it and I have to admit it appealed to my inner hippy. After he was born, we fell right into co-sleeping for the pure sweetness of it. We were attached! Once again we have fallen into the lure of attachment parenting- this time more out of necessity than a moral calling. Almost all of Christian’s family came for Felipe’s birth and the crib came down to make room for the air mattress. Noa joined us in bed so he wouldn’t feel left out and the arrangement has stuck. We have been putting Noa to bed late so he can play with Christian a little when he gets home from the restaurant. We are all so exhausted by this point that we have been crashing together in a big heap in our bed. Felipe has been sleeping on top of my chest and Noa flops around in between us. It is not very comfortable or restful, but it is so sweet that it is hard to resist. Last night Noa cuddled up beside me and sang “hush little baby” to Felipe while patting Christian on the head. I wouldn’t trade a moment like that for a good night’s sleep!

A late bedtime has taken a large toll on my rest and as a result my sanity is often questionable. This could also be the result of brestfeeding. I’m not sure how scientific the theory, but my brain hasn’t been quite up to speed since giving birth. I remember this with Noa as well- losing my keys, repeating myself and forgetting the baby (just kidding!). The babies are just about the only thing I don’t forget these days. More than once, I got out of the shower and couldn’t remember if I washed my hair! The good thing about a late bedtime is that Noa sleeps in until about 8 in the morning, which gives me a couple hours to get ready and give Felipe some undivided attention. A little cooing and cuddling is not a bad way to start the day. Sleepy but happy.

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ready or not!

We opened the restaurant last Saturday and I haven’t had a chance to catch my breath until now…and I’m panting! Ideally we needed another couple weeks to train and prepare, but we need to pay the rent…so we opened our doors- Ready or Not! The night before our grand opening we stayed at the restaurant making empanadas until 3am…slept for an hour and continued making empandas until minutes before we opened the doors at 11am. And the people came and kept coming until we had to kick them out at 11pm. I was so tired, I had to splash cold water on my face before I drove home. We had so many people we almost ran out of empanadas, which was amazing-except that we had to make more!….so the next morning at 3am we were at it again. Miraculously we made it through the first week with very few mistakes and lots of raving customers. A few customers came back 4 or 5 times during the week! Aside from the complete exhaustion, everything came together even better than we imagined. We met hundreds of families from Argentina, Chile and Uruguay that live here in Boulder. At one moment, I looked up from the cashier and all the tables were full, the bar was full and everyone was talking and meeting each other. One woman from Argentina said the restaurant was the “club social” for latin americans in Boulder…very cool!


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trials in potty training

there are a lot of theories on potty training and i may have exhausted them all … so i am the mom with the large 2 (almost 3 year old) in very large diapers. it’s not the social pressure that has me stressing over the issue (i have long overcome the desire to appear a super mom in public), it is the simple fact that it is gross. they are no longer the small and harmless diapers of an infant. they are large smelly diapers that usually don’t have enough room to fully contain the consequence of a very good eater. “i love spinach mommy” isn’t met with quite the enthusiasm it deserves.

theory #1  rewards – my sweet tooth toddler didn’t go for the M&M trick

theory #2 potty tablets- these little tablets turn the water colors when you pee on them…apparently they also turn colors when you flush. so much for water conservation

theory #3 new potty- can be flipped upside down and used as a step stool

theory #4 stay naked and drink lots of juice- pee on the carpet, the couch, the bathroom floor

theory #5 drink lots and stay in the bathroom- 4 hours later, lots of books and toys and painting- but no pee pee

theory #6 new underware- we made a very special trip to buy big boy underware. Noa picked out his favorite pair and ran into the house to show them to daddy. he threw away his diaper and put on his new underware, stood on the table to show them off. we asked every few minutes if he need to go to the potty and he went! a couple hours later he came to me and said “mommy i went poo in my underware”…we went to the bathroom to clean up and i told him it was really sad that now we had to throw away his brand new special big boy underware. he patted me on the shoulder and said “it’s not that sad mommy” in an attempt to comfort me. my response, “it’s pretty gross though”…”mmmm…it’s not that gross mommy”. I give up!