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the patience, pleasure and pure silliness of life with a baby and a toddler

ready or not!

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We opened the restaurant last Saturday and I haven’t had a chance to catch my breath until now…and I’m panting! Ideally we needed another couple weeks to train and prepare, but we need to pay the rent…so we opened our doors- Ready or Not! The night before our grand opening we stayed at the restaurant making empanadas until 3am…slept for an hour and continued making empandas until minutes before we opened the doors at 11am. And the people came and kept coming until we had to kick them out at 11pm. I was so tired, I had to splash cold water on my face before I drove home. We had so many people we almost ran out of empanadas, which was amazing-except that we had to make more!….so the next morning at 3am we were at it again. Miraculously we made it through the first week with very few mistakes and lots of raving customers. A few customers came back 4 or 5 times during the week! Aside from the complete exhaustion, everything came together even better than we imagined. We met hundreds of families from Argentina, Chile and Uruguay that live here in Boulder. At one moment, I looked up from the cashier and all the tables were full, the bar was full and everyone was talking and meeting each other. One woman from Argentina said the restaurant was the “club social” for latin americans in Boulder…very cool!


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