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you can scare me for candy!

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I love halloween…the costumes, candy and chaos. It’s one day of the year that you are allowed to act crazy and dress ridiculous everywhere you go- work, school, the supermarket. And although this year we had to skip out on the party…it was well worth it. Noa joined the halloween craze and with the help of a little sugar high lasted until past 10pm without a nap! We started at the munchkin masquerade on pearl street in matching monster costumes (thanks mom!). Noa played the part and growled his way down the street. We met up with some friends and let the little ones chase each other around and eat way too much candy. Noa and Casey rolled around in the leaves and ran around the fountain. The weather was beautiful and my sweet baby slept through the whole thing…never realizing he was dressed like a monster in the middle of a crowd of pumpkins, witches, giraffes and firemen. One of the many things I love about Boulder is the ingenuity of the people. It’s hard to get by with the generic store bought costume in a town where everyone seems to have the time, the money and the creativity to go all out. My favorite costume this year was a little girl in a papermache giraffe whose neck was three times as tall as the girl. Her baby brother was a lion and the mom an exotic bird of some kind. Impressive!!i=2187445494&k=dBxNdwP


After the munchkin masquerade, we headed to Rincon Argentino for dinner and to say hi to daddy who was busy making empanadas for hungry students preparing for a big night out. I was happy to be with the little ones, but I definitely have good memories of past Halloweens when I picked my costume based on its sex appeal rather than its functionality for breastfeeding on the go.

After attempting to put something other than sugar in Noa’s belly, we went in search of more sweets. Noa decided he no longer loved monsters and was ready to be a pirate. I striped him out of his chocolate covered monster suit and fastened up his pirate belt complete with treasure map and sword. He consulted his map before we set out to trick or treat. It only took one house for him to get the idea of it….say trick or treat, get candy, say thank you and happy halloween and repeat. He was an adorable pirate. He sang “what do you do with a scurvy pirate” from backyardagans as he prowled from house to house frequently examining the map and looking through his telescope. My only oversight on his costume was that his pants were two sizes too big and his belt too fat to fit in the belt loops…as a result his pants kept falling down. He was so excited about trick or treating that he kept running with his pants around his ankles. He explained to the people at the door “trick or treat. my pants falling down. my pirate pants. my Noa. my two years old. thank you. happy halloween”. He repeated this over and over until he asked me if he could take his pants off. If it would have been a little warmer I might have let him. After a few houses it was a mad rush to get to the next house. He tried to keep up with his older cousins, Sophie and Thiago, but the pant issue didn’t help. He called after them…”my coming Sophie and Thiago…wait for Noa” and they waited each time. Sophie helped him up the steps and held his hand across the street. We started heading up the driveway of a house decorated with spiders, skeletons and mummies. Music played in the background and a strobe light flashed on the face of a scary head that turned in circles. Noa grabbed my leg and said “mommy my don’t like this house. let’s go. sophie’s house has candy. this house is really scary.” I told him this house had candy too…he held my hand and bravely walked to the door. When the man opened the door a huge spider jumped at us. Noa grabbed the candy and ran down the driveway. He jumped into my arms and yelled at the house “you can scare me for candy”…then he looked at me and explained “my don’t like that house. it wants to scare me all the time to give me candy. my don’t need any more candy”. He forgot all about that by the time we made it to the next house. Happy Halloween!

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