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A trip to the zoo

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We took a trip to the zoo with abuela, jackie, sophie and thiago. It was fun, although quite exhausting as Felipe has recently boycotted the stroller in favor of the front pack. Well worth the sore back! Noa had such a great time with his cousins. We hadn’t been to the zoo since he was a little over one and he was more interested in the geese then anything else. This trip was so much different. I can’t believe how much he has learned and changed in the last year. He was interested in seeing all the animals and wanted to know where they live and what scares them. He didn’t understand why the “sweet little artic fox” would be scare of the “snugly polar bear”. I lacked the heart to tell him the polar bear is more interested in eating than snuggling with the sweet little fox. His highlight of the trip was the discovery (thanks to an older fouled mouth boy) that the horseshoe crab has a “butt crack”. Since then he has become very interested in butt cracks- lovely.


Image       ImageImage   Image .

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