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the patience, pleasure and pure silliness of life with a baby and a toddler

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shady logic…

this is a recap of my conversation with Noa today after he spent an hour at the gym’s daycare….

Me: “Sweetie, did you have a good time with Anna”

Noa “I think her name is Broccoli, no maybe Celery and she tried to eat me”

Me: “She tried to eat you”

Noa “Welllll…I was so hungry I could eat a zebra and a snake and a shark. AHHHH…the shark was in my tummy tum and he ate right through me. I’m afraid of giants. Giants are bad. They eat bananas. Can I have a banana Mommy? Babies cry when they fall down. All the babies cry together. Felipe is a baby. He didn’t fall down. I don’t know why Felipe is always cranky.”

Me: “Was Felipe crying while I was gone”

Noa: “He fell down. Poor Felipe. Can I have that banana? Mommy, I told you I was hungry. Anna is hungry too. I think she needs a banana. She can’t eat me. I’m Noa.”

Me: “So Noa did you have fun with Anna”

Noa: (starts cracking up) “Anna! that’s not a name. You are a silly Mommy. Her name is Broccoli. Excuse me Mommy. I still remember I’m hungry. Do you want to buy me that banana?”

Me: “Sure hunny.”

Noa. (a look of exasperation and a sign). “Oh Mommy. I just want a banana not hunny” 

I still have no idea if he enjoyed the daycare. Did Felipe cry…fall down? Where did the giant come from? There’s no use trying the put the piece together. It’s just the plain shady logic of a 3 year old!