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the patience, pleasure and pure silliness of life with a baby and a toddler

Jump it out!

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Grandma and Grandpa gave the boys a trampoline for Christmas. I had no idea what an amazing gift I was receiving as well…I call it the “jump it out” tool. It has taken on a very vital role in our day to day lives. I find myself waking up in the morning and running to the window to see if it looks warm enough for some morning jumping.

A typical pre-trampoline day….boys wake up about 6:30am, takes about 3 mins to rally up more energy than I have after 2 coffees and a thermos of mate, Noa starts climbing the cabinets, Felipe starts dumping all the toys from their baskets, breakfast is all over the house, kids and clothes, full-on wrestling match to get both kids dressed, we rush out the door and I have no idea what my hair looks like because I never had a chance to look in the mirror.

A jump it out day….boys wake up and Noa immediately asks if it’s warm enough to jump. Felipe hears the word jump and runs to the back door. The dead bolt is opened once Noa puts his own clothes on and Felipe sits still enough to change his diaper. They they jump it out. All that crazy physical boy energy is released and exhausted. Felipe watches Noa do tricks from the bathroom window while Mommy gets a shower. I move the kids table outside with breakfast and my kitchen stays clean. This same routine is repeated again and again throughout the day whenever things start getting out of control.

Can’t wait for summer when we can mix water and jumping. The perfect combination for child exhaustion!

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