eat mangoes naked

the patience, pleasure and pure silliness of life with a baby and a toddler


It took me about a year to find the time to start a blog. I was convinced I would remember every little first, every funny conversation or discovery…that was until number two came along and I’m lucky if I remember what we ate for lunch. Life with a baby, a toddler, a husband (who often needs more attention than the baby) and our third baby- the restaurant has turned our lives upside down.

I was contemplating names for the blog while preparing a snack for Noa. He pulled his chair up beside me and started taking his clothes off. When I asked him what he was doing, he looked at me very seriously and responded “mommy, mangoes taste much better when my eatum naked”. “Have you ever tried them naked Noa”…”ummmm…nope but my gonna try them all naked”. We headed outside with our picnic blanket and a handful of mangoes. He tried them sitting down and standing on a bench. He tried them while running in circles. He tried them with a spoon and with his fingers. Every bite sent him into a fit of laughter. When he was completely worn out and covered in mango, he sat down next to Felipe and let the baby lick the mango juice off his fingers. All the sudden he became very serious and said “Mommy, baby lipe wants to try them naked too!” I helped him strip the baby down to his diaper and he lined mangoes around the baby in a circle. For the next hour the mangoes kept him completely entertained. He rolled them down the hill and tried to balance them on his hands. He lined them up in the gazebo and pretended to buy them from the supermarket in exchange for rocks. And while he fed pieces to the ants, I soaked it all up in the sun with my naked baby on my chest. There is so much pleasure to be found in the simple things!

This is an attempt to capture just a little bit of the magic and the chaos of our lives…the moments that require a deep breath and the moments that make it all worth it. It’s a new way of living…a much louder, sillier and sweeter way of living. Someday, when our lives are once again our own, we may find ourselves looking back and wishing we could do it all over again….we’ll maybe not, but at least we will be able to reminisce.


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