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the patience, pleasure and pure silliness of life with a baby and a toddler

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Surgery sounds a little scary

Me: “how was school today Noa”
Noa: “Kathy (teacher) wasn’t there today because they were giving her a surgery”
Me: “what’s a surgery?”
Noa: “when a dr like my auntie audgie takes your skin off and plays with your blood”
Me: “that is close but a surgery is when a doctor cuts your skin, fixes something that’s broken and sews you back up again”
Noa: (gets angry and yells) “mommy just take a nap and think about what u are saying!”

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Robot Obsession


We have spent the last couple weeks traveling everywhere…and I mean everywhere, with 3 bulky rescue robots. They have been with us to swimming lessons, the grocery store and snuggle next to us at bedtime. A few nights ago I went in to check on Noa and his poor cheek was imprinted with a robot claw. In an attempt to lighten our load I decided to make a base for our rescue bots to stay at home! It worked. After a very exhausting mission we put the rescue bots down for a nap in their new home and headed out for a walk hand free!

Halloween 2013

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Halloween 2013: This halloween was 100% kid focused…no drinks, crazy costume or dancing, but still had a lot of fun with the boys! Noa had a preschool party in the morning and then all his friends came over for trick-or-treating. He pretended to be a raccoon all day…sneaking around the trash can and playing in the gutter…very cute thanks to Grandma who made his wonderful costume!

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My lovely little boys!

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I had family photos scheduled months in advance so we could have the beautiful fall leaves as our backdrop…morning of the shoot- Noa and Christian have the flu, I wake up with 3 cold sores and it snows! Needless to say, we canceled the photos and rescheduled. The forecast says snow for tomorrow so we headed up the street to our favorite little hike up to Chautauqua park…camera in hand. I developed a new respect for family photographers. Here’s what we got after several injuries, lots of tears and a broken shoe….pretty darn good! And we managed to have quite a bit of fun along the way. I have determined that getting a decent photo of both boys together (aka they are not biting or strangling one another) would be a miracle. Miracles aside, I would do it all over again…and again and again. Life has been so busy that sometimes it’s beauty escapes me. Today it took freezing it on film for me to stop and take it all in. My world is so beautiful!



Now that I sit here and look through the photos, I wonder why I didn’t capture the alligator tears after each fall, the look of guilt when Noa floated his shoe down the stream, Felipe eating leaves and biting Noa for trying to take them away. These moments of pure raw emotion are just as beautiful as the laughter that follows. That is what I love the most about children…laughter always follows.


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Cancun 2013

I never thought a vacation with both kids could be so relaxing…then I realized that the ratio of 5 women (and one loving great grandpa) to 2 kids is ideal! I am tempted to move across the world to some small village where a group of tribal women raise all the children together. As sexist as it may be…it takes 3 men to make up for the help of one woman!